Kelly Davidson MUSIC
Kelly Davidson


Kelly Davidson is a Los Angeles based composer for film and television.

She has collaborated with many directors, producers and fellow composers. Most recently she has been writing with Will Anderson on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as well as several films and the Lalaloopsy television series.

She was one of only twelve accepted into the "Music Composition for the Screen" program at Columbia College Chicago. There she earned her MFA under the tutelage of Andy Hill, former VP of Music Production at Disney, and two-time Emmy award winning composer Hummie Mann. During the summer of 2011, she participated in an internship with acclaimed composer Danny Elfman.


"Welcome Home (Directed by Andrew Sampson and Photographed by James Ward): The camerawork and editing in this whimsical take on a murder story were very cleverly done. Kelly Davidson's score was incredible. The music combined with the narrator's voice made it seem like a fairy tale come to life."
--Olga Lexal, CelebritySC

"Kelly Davidson, at her best, writes the sort of music that contemporary filmmakers dream will wind up accompanying their images: meticulously crafted, exquisitely attentive to story, and hovering somewhere between the beam of the projector and the cavern of our memory. Musical sorcery."
--Andy Hill, Director, Music Composition for the Screen, Columbia College Chicago.